[Unbound-users] Validation failure of DNSSEC signed domain names

Zbynek Michl zbynek.michl at nic.cz
Thu Apr 29 17:21:23 UTC 2010

On 29.4.2010 17:56, Zbynek Michl wrote:
>> I have just made fixes to svn trunk that may help in this case. But
>> they may not be sufficient to help you here (its about looking in the
>> key cache to see if nic.cz needs DNSSEC).
> Ok, thanks, I will try the latest trunk version.

Hmm, r2106 experiences the same issue :(

It seems that there is no exact change between correct/incorrect validation in 
the one time point. On the start there are all answers correct, and when I am 
trying more and more (different in a few cycles) requests, then there are more 
and more incorrect answers. And in some time point all answers are incorrect 
from the resolver until cache is flushed (probably).


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