[Unbound-users] Compiling with libev

Carsten Strotmann unbound at strotmann.de
Mon Apr 26 14:42:33 UTC 2010

Hello Wouter,

I try to compile unbound 1.4.3 (and 1.4.4) with libev (instead of libevent).

According to

I used the "--with-libevent" configure switch to point to the libev
installation. Configure is reporting:

checking for libevent... found in /usr/local/libev
checking for library containing clock_gettime... -lrt
checking for library containing event_set... no
checking for event.h... yes
checking for event_base_free... no
checking for event_base_once... no

I get the following compile errors:

Undefined                       first referenced
  symbol                             in file
event_base_loopexit                 build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_base_set                      build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_base_dispatch                 build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_init                          build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_get_version                   build/daemon/.libs/unbound.o
event_set                           build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_del                           build/util/.libs/netevent.o
event_add                           build/util/.libs/netevent.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to unbound
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Do you have any hints what might be wrong?

Best regards


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