[Unbound-users] Is there any memory leak in unbound?

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Tue Sep 15 09:26:24 UTC 2009

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Hi Tao Ma,

>     debug: cache memory msg=16528 rrset=33040 infra=672 val=24888

The values from your log file look very reasonable.  No problems here.
The sbrk keeps growing?

Ok, it is possible to enable even more memory debug, configure with
- --enable-alloc-checks and compile again.   Unbound prints:
info: Memory conditions: %u front=%u back=%u mesh=%u msg=%u rrset=%u
infra=%u iter=%u val=%u alloccache=%u globalalloccache=%u me=%u
But with values.

It also prints a log line for *every* alloc call.  So, you can see where
in the code it allocates all that memory.   This will make the
server very slow.  If you send me the log file (off-list to
wouter at nlnetlabs.nl , then I can parse it with testcode/memstats.c;
or you can do that yourself: make memstats ; ./memstats < logfile ).

To answer your question, unbound keeps some memory around, up to a
maximum, because free-ing something that you need later again is slow.
This should top out at 40Mb for the standard config.

Gentoo? Is it 64bit? Does it use a 'special' memory allocator in libc?

Best regards,

On 09/11/2009 10:06 AM, Tao Ma wrote:
> What's more,I found that the memory occupied by unbound would not be
> freed when all requets finished,that means,unbound only consume memory
> but never free them.
> What does unbound hold the memory for?It quite like that  a memory leak
> happens...
> Anyone else has been in the same trouble?
> Best Regards,
> Tao Ma
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>     Hi Wouter,thanks very much for your reply.
>     I tried the method you mentioned,here is the info I got from the log:
>     debug: cache memory msg=16528 rrset=33040 infra=672 val=24888
>     This info keeps the same from the start of the unbound(I have only
>     about 5 records in unbound).
>     I also found the value of mem.total.sbrk printed by "unbound-control
>     stats" keeps growing.The item "mem.total.sbrk" is an estimate of the
>     heap size of unbound in bytes,it is close to the memory used by unbound.
>     I have a script keeps recording mem.total.sbrk in a file,and found
>     when mem.total.sbrk grew to 2017873920,unbound was killed by
>     system(My server has a 2G memory).
>     Unbound runs in a Gentoo Linux with 2.6.23 kernel,does the problem
>     relate to the OS?
>     Thanks & Best regards,
>     Tao Ma
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>         unbound?
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>         日期: 2009年9月10日,周四,下午10:25
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>         Hi Tao Ma,
>         The memory statistics that unbound makes can help?
>         It prints them into the log file (depending on verbosity
>         level and --enable-debug to configure) like this:
>         debug: cache memory msg=1620127 rrset=2964258 infra=738306
>         val=128832
>         Also the memory statistics are printed when you enable extended
>         statistics and do unbound-control stats, like this:
>         mem.cache.rrset=2980222
>         mem.cache.message=1633031
>         mem.mod.iterator=16460
>         mem.mod.validator=130126
>         Best regards,
>            Wouter
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