[Unbound-users] Is there any memory leak in unbound?

Tao Ma matao_reg at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Sep 11 08:06:19 UTC 2009

What's more,I found that the memory occupied by unbound would not be freed when all requets finished,that means,unbound only consume memory but never free them.
What does unbound hold the memory for?It quite like that  a memory leak happens...
Anyone else has been in the same trouble?

Best Regards,
Tao Ma

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Hi Wouter,thanks very much for your reply.

I tried the method you mentioned,here is the info I got from the log:
debug: cache memory msg=16528 rrset=33040 infra=672 val=24888
This info keeps the same from the start of the unbound(I have only about 5 records in unbound).

I also found the value of mem.total.sbrk printed by "unbound-control stats" keeps growing.The item "mem.total.sbrk" is an estimate of the heap size of unbound in bytes,it is close to the memory used by unbound.

I have a script keeps recording mem.total.sbrk in a file,and found when mem.total.sbrk grew to 2017873920,unbound was killed by system(My server has a 2G memory).

Unbound runs in a Gentoo Linux with 2.6.23 kernel,does the problem relate to the OS?

Thanks & Best regards,
Tao Ma

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Hi Tao Ma,

The memory statistics that unbound makes can help?

It prints them into the log file (depending on verbosity
level and --enable-debug to configure) like this:
debug: cache memory msg=1620127 rrset=2964258 infra=738306 val=128832

Also the memory statistics are printed when you enable extended
statistics and do
 unbound-control stats, like this:

Best regards,


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