[Unbound-users] HowTo Optimise ... more than in Guides

Ivan Stenda ivast at mail.t-mobile.sk
Fri Oct 9 09:44:48 UTC 2009

Hello guys, I trying to set up unbound 1.3.3 ( compiled from sources 
with libevent 1.3e-3 ) on i686 hw, fresh debian Lenny. I made a 
configuration like explained in "howto optimize" guide, actual config I 
can post ( maybe is wrong at some point ).
Comparison with bind 9.5.1-P3 from debian stable is surprising:
at synthetic test with resperf ( just few qnames with long TTL, so 
answered from the cache ), from unbound I get about 10k qps maximum 
throughput, but bind is about 82k qps.
With real internet queries is unbound about 3k qps, but bind is at 60k qps.
Bind has default debian configuration ( only  max-cache-size added ).

thx for your hints.

Ivan Stenda

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