[Unbound-users] DNS-ALG/DNS64 question

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Mon Oct 5 08:18:53 UTC 2009

Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Leen Besselink:
>> Just a quick question, will the DNS-ALG/DNS64 [0] or something
>> similair be part of the official release at some point ?
> I guess all systems on which Unbound runs are dual-stack, so this type
> of translation appears to be unnecessary (at the DNS level).  The
> application can just use IPv4 sockets, and the kernel will treat this
> traffic according to the configured routing policy.

I think it depends, eventually less and less IPv4-addresses will be
available and thus we'll get a lot more different situations, where
unbound with it's IPv4-address might be further away from the hosts
that query it, more centralized.

Also what if people just want a simple modern network with just
IPv6-addresses for simple(r) management ?

If you use IPv4, most of the time, you're doing NAT anyway, might as
well (if it works well enough, for you, which it might not for a lot
of people) use NAT-PT or something similair.

I don't know what kind of things will develop.

I did see the project at [0] was/is also partly funded bij NLnet Labs
and it's a patch to Unbound so I thought it might merge eventually.

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