[Unbound-users] 2 config files?!

Gabriel Petrescu gabrielescu at gmail.com
Mon May 18 07:05:50 UTC 2009


i managed to install unbound using apt-get

i changed the source list. I am using 8.04 and for newer version there is a
package available.

is still an issue i couldn;t install using the sources.
changing the source list in apt could be an issue because I am not sure it
will be aproved as a solution for production servers.

so, fresh install in a vm machine, updatem upgrade, change the source list,
update, apt-get install unbound

it started, than i've noticed:

locate unbound.conf

som, there are 2 unbound.conf files.

which one is used?
from my point of view it's not ok. it's easy to make a mistake and edit the
wrong file...

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