[Unbound-users] reverse lookup private zone

Francesc Guasch frankie at etsetb.upc.edu
Thu May 14 11:56:59 UTC 2009

Hi. I have unbound as proxy for a private zone DNS server.
This server holds some 10.0.x addresses.

Unbound works nice but it won't resolve reverse lookups.
nslookup queries.

I've read unbound.conf manpage and I think there is a part about
my problem but I've been unable to solve it.
I'm not sure how can I tell unbound to treat is as nodefault.

I a zone for my domain, this works, but won't do reverse.

	local-zone: "private.domain.name" redirect
	local-data: "private.domain A private.dns.server"

But how I tell unbound to resolve reverse ? I tried many
many many things but I didn't solve it.

I tried adding a nodefault like this:

	local-zone: "private.domain.name" nodefault

with the number:

	local-zone: "10.0." nodefault

or like this:

	local-zone: "10.0" nodefault

or this:

	local-zone: "10.in-addr.arpa." static
    local-zone: "10.in-addr.arpa. 10800 IN NS localhost."
	local-data: "10.in-addr.arpa. 10800 IN SOA private.dns.server"

please someone give me a hint. Thank you.

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