[Unbound-users] Cannot resolve allianz.pl

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Jul 29 13:21:11 UTC 2009

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009, Jakub Heichman wrote:

> I'm unable to resolve 'allianz.pl', looks like dns1.allianz.pl and
> dns2.allianz.pl are responding with malformed DNS packets.

I get the same thing. Manual queries with dig, with/without +dnssec
and/or +edns=0 seem to work fine. Bind also returns the address without

> Debug output from unbound-host -d reports:
> [1248868247] libunbound[8999:0] debug: parse error on reply packet

for Wouter:

[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] info: DelegationPoint<allianz.pl.>: 2 names (0 missing), 2 addrs (0 result, 0 avail)
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] info:   dns1.allianz.pl. * A
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] info:   dns2.allianz.pl. * A
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug:    ip4 port 53 (len 16)
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug:    ip4 port 53 (len 16)
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug: attempt to get extra 3 targets
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug: out of query targets -- returning SERVFAIL
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug: store error response in message cache
[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug: return error response SERVFAIL

[1248873376] libunbound[13422:0] debug: udp message[112:0] D7248410000100020000000107616C6C69616E7A02706C00000F000107616C6C69616E7A02706C00000F000100000E100014000505736D74703107616C6C69616E7A02706C0007616C6C69616E7A02706C00000F000100000E100014000505736D74703207616C6C69616E7A02706C00


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