[Unbound-users] query signed RR fails for a while after unbound-control flush

Koh-ichi Ito kohi at iri.co.jp
Thu Jan 15 07:08:05 UTC 2009


At Thu, 15 Jan 2009 15:10:36 +0900,
Koh-ichi Ito wrote:
> I experience the following problem.
> - Query signed RR results NOERROR.
> - Resign the zone on authoritative server.
> - Query same RR results NOERROR.
> - Invoke unbound-control flush.
> - Query same RR results SERVFAIL.
> - After some interval, I'm not sure but it may be $TTL of
>   the zone, it results NOERROR again.

Excuse my bothering you, I found that resigning triggers
SERVFAIL on query on other RR in same zone.

For example,
- Invoke unbound.
- Query ns.example.jp results NOERROR.
- Resign example.jp zone.
- Query foo.example.jp results SERVFAIL.


						Koh-ichi Ito

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