[Unbound-users] SLAX Live Linux USB with unbound and DNSSEC Tools

Carsten Strotmann unbound at strotmann.de
Fri Aug 21 19:39:49 UTC 2009

I would like to share the "unbound and dnstools packages" for SLAX Live
Linux (http://slax.org) with you.

Slax is a live Linux that can be started on almost any PC-like computer
machine with 256MB RAM or more from a USB-Stick, CD-ROM or by PXE
Network boot.

The current version of the SLAX DNSSEC modules contains
BIND 9.6.1-P1 (package 010-bind.lzm) and Unbound 1.33, libDNS 1.6.1,
Drill, DNSTOP, DOC and dnstracer (package 011-dnstools.lzm) ready to use.

The single packages can be downloaded from

The full SLAX 6.1.2 system including the DNS-Tools and BIND packages can
be found at
(217 MB).

To install SLAX from a Linux Machine, uncompress the tar-ball to an FAT
formatted USB Drive and call the "boot/bootinst.sh" script. Installation
from a Windows System is similar, just used the "boot/bootinst.bat"
batch file.

We use this system for our DNS and DNSSEC Trainings. Especially the
PXE-Networkboot is a convenient way to boot SLAX from the trainers PC to
all the machines in a classroom. The trainer can prepare training
packages that will automatically appear after reboot on the students

In addition to a tool for DNSSEC Trainings, the SLAX USB System is a
nice "carry-around" DNSSEC troubleshooting toolset that comes
selfcontained with an OS.

Unfortunately SLAX Linux currently does not do IPv6, however I will look
into that issue in the future.

Please let me know if there is something missing or wrong or if you have
an idea to improve this tool.

-- Carsten Strotmann

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