[Unbound-users] Feature request - detailed statistics about unbound

Jaco Engelbrecht bje at serendipity.org.za
Tue Sep 16 11:55:40 UTC 2008


Wouter Wijngaards wrote:
> Hi Stephane, Beastie,
> I am making a compromise.  More statistics, but not the amount nor
> detail that a dedicated package like DSC provides.  Without webpages
> with pretty graphs and data selection user interface; that does not
> belong inside the nameserver.  More similar to the BIND8_STATS in NSD
> than the DSC package.
> As config option 'extended-statictics'; default turned off (because of
> speed).
> I think:
> types of queries, answer error codes, validation status, and also
> spoof-nearmiss-counter (a plain unwanted traffic counter).
> $ unbound-control stats
> thread0.num.queries: 1234
> thread0.requestlist.exceeded: 0
> thread1.num.queries: 1345
> thread1.requestlist.exceeded: 1
> total.num.queries: 12345
> total.requestlist.exceeded: 1
> num.query.type.AAAA: 12
I assume we'll then also see
num.query.type.{A,TXT,SPF,SRV,A6,NAPTR,PTR,DNSKEY,CNAME} etc.?
> num.answer.secure: 123
> num.answer.bogus: 23
> unwanted.replies: 200000
> It does not examine the query names, server names, or addresses, as that
> creates a lot of extra code (and Stephane, I hear you, that is a problem).
> Is this format easy to use as input for rrdtool, cacti, munin, ... ?
> I could also print out:
> unwanted_replies=200000
I personally like the (key=value) format more.

What would really rock is if you could have something like this:

# /etc/init.d/unbound
unbound [start|stop|force-reload|restart|status|dump|show|mrtg|cricket]

# /etc/init.d/unbound dump

# /etc/init.d/unbound mrtg thread0.num.queries
14.9 days
Unbound daemon

# /etc/init.d/unbound show thread0.num.queries

# /etc/init.d/unbound cricket thread0.num.queries

(this is what PowerDNS does...)

When can you have a version ready for us to test? :-)

Statistics is currently something stopping me from rolling out Unbound
for my entire caching DNS platform...


bje at serendipity.org.za

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