[Unbound-users] WOW! Major progress in the SVN!

7v5w7go9ub0o 7v5w7go9ub0o at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 18:55:25 UTC 2008

Is everyone monitoring the SVN? I've been out for a while, and just 
brought up the SVN changelog.

    Wouter has been busy!! :-)



12 September 2008: Wouter
	- removed browser control mentions. Proto speccy.

11 September 2008: Wouter
	- set nonblocking on new TCP streams, because linux does not inherit
	  the socket options to the accepted socket.
	- fix TCP timeouts.
	- SSL protected connection between server and unbound-control.

10 September 2008: Wouter
	- remove memleak in privacy addresses on reloads and quits.
	- remote control work.

9 September 2008: Wouter
	- smallapp/unbound-control-setup.sh script to set up certificates.

4 September 2008: Wouter
	- scrubber scrubs away private addresses.
	- test for private addresses. man page entry.
	- code refactored for name and address tree lookups.

3 September 2008: Wouter
	- options for 'DNS Rebinding' protection: private-address and
	- dnstree for reuse of routines that help with domain, addr lookups.
	- private-address and private-domain config option read, stored.

2 September 2008: Wouter
	- DoS protection features. Queries are jostled out to make room.
	- testbound can pass time, increasing the internal timer.
	- do not mark unsigned additionals bogus, leave unchecked, which
	  is removed too.

1 September 2008: Wouter
	- disallow nonrecursive queries for cache snooping by default.
	  You can allow is using access-control: <subnet> allow_snoop.
	  The defaults do allow access no authoritative data without RD bit.
	- two tests for it and fixups of tests for nonrec refused.

29 August 2008: Wouter
	- version 1.1 number in trunk.
	- harden-referral-path option for query for NS records.
	  Default turns off expensive, experimental option.


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