[Unbound-users] Resolving Timeouts/Issues

Wouter Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Oct 9 13:42:45 UTC 2008

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Teran McKinney wrote:
> Nice to see Unbound getting used in larger scale environments. I run
> it at home on my 500Mhz P3 laptop/router with 256MB of RAM and the
> standard cache settings (as well as a fair share of DNSSEC keys).
> While I'm sure that I don't put it through a fraction of the stress,
> I'm not terribly gentle on it either :-). I have had no performance
> issues with it, and don't link it (yet) to an external libevent
> either. However, it doesn't run too well on my 486 with 16MB of RAM,
> so I may have a project for another day. I do not chroot Unbound, but
> I do have a dedicated "unbound" user for it. The chroot issues
> definitely sound like a possible culprit to me if /dev/random is not
> accessible. I'm not sure if you are using Linux or *BSD, but
> /dev/random is generally _very_ slow under Linux unless you have a
> hardware random number generator. I would recommend /dev/urandom
> instead, unless /dev/random is fast enough. I guess Unbound has its
> own fallback internal random number generator?


And by default the memory can grow to about 30-40Mb.
The unbound.conf(5) manpage, has sample minimum-memory configuration
settings for your 486 :-)

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