[Unbound-users] Unbound release 0.10

Wouter Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Mon Mar 3 12:48:02 UTC 2008

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Today unbound 0.10 is released. Get it here
The sha1 checksum of 0.10 is

Unless we encounter problems (i.e. bug-reports) in 0.10, this version is
a candidate for the 1.0 release. (moving the dot)

The main difference with 0.9 is optimization. I used gprof and
performance tests and made some code changes. For this reason libevent
is no longer a strict requirement (it defaults to a builtin
alternative). Performance increased in double-digit percentages.

Note the changed installation directory for binaries. If you upgrade
from 0.9 you should either uninstall using the 0.9 makefile or remove
unbound* from /usr/local/bin/ directory, otherwise the order of sbin and
bin in your PATH determines which version is started ... You can use
./configure --sbindir=path to override the directory.

The draft-dns-0x20 is a one-week-old draft that improves
spoof-protection if enabled. It works when you run a resolver that
speaks against authoritative servers, it may not work in complex
resolver mesh setups.

* This code is public beta and ready for deployment.
* updated ldns-tarball inside source from trunk for latest NSEC3
~  type codes
* installation to /usr/local/sbin by default now, like other
~  servers do
* libunbound returns the full answer packet (with signatures,
~  additional data, NSECs ...)
* option 'use-caps-for-id: yesno', experimental implementation
~  of draft-dns-0x20.
* default configure uses builtin event mechanism, since it is
~  faster and usually good enough. Use libevent when you use
~  huge outgoing port ranges.
* Various optimisations
* make test shows an indication of cache speed
* unbound-host patch (from Jan-Piet Mens) to read config file
* added contrib/ dir with an /etc/rc.d script for FreeBSD

Bug Fixes
* --prefix option for configure also changes directory: pidfile:
~  and chroot: defaults in config file.
* fixed so you can start without a config file (will complain, but
~  start with defaults).
* fixed read of empty lines in /etc/hosts by libunbound
* fix to install all manual pages (unbound-host and libunbound
~  pages too)
* fixed memory leaks in libunbound (during cancellation and wait).

Best regards,
~   Wouter
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