[Unbound-users] some performance tests

Mauro Rappa Mauro.Rappa at infoklix.it
Thu Jun 5 07:35:51 UTC 2008

Hi all,
thank for every answer.

i do some precisations on my tests:
1) after every test i restarted daemons to empty cache (is it exact?)
2) queries are total random
3) my connectivity is 30Mb on backbone

Now i want to test :
1) try the tool mentioned before
2) change forwarder server or create my own, but i have to setup several fake domain with almost 1k entry!

I know 'caching only' setup is only a piece of Unbound, but at the moment, i'd like to focus on it.
Anyone want test other configurations?

Best regards,

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we are also missing patterns you are testing. Do you test entirely random domain name every time or you are repeating same queries (real question is whether resolver cache is used or not). Also what is your upstream link connectivity? Your bandwith may also affect results.


2008/6/3 Mauro Rappa <Mauro.Rappa at infoklix.it<mailto:Mauro.Rappa at infoklix.it>>:
Hi all,
i like to make test to try new product, so i did some tests WITHOUT any goal to demonstate which software is better.
i want compare Bind9 vs Unbound in cache-only deploy (i use it for speedup antispam server).
My server is:

quad core Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz
4Gb Ram
LSI Logic 1020/1030 Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
Debian Etch
30Mb full internet access (!)

i setup only one forwarder (dns of biggest ISP in italy) and i used dnsperf (the same used by ISC),
i tried only 1000 queries to avoid to be considered an attacker.

These are results of three tests (mean):

 Queries per second:   215.951160 qps

 Queries per second:   181.861585 qps

in this case unbound is 20% faster.

Now, i want to make a different tests with more 'sense',
Can we discuss a battery of test and a 'modus operandi' ?
in particoular which dns server must be used to obtain 'good' results (to avoid to be a bottleneck)?

Mauro Rappa
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