[Unbound-users] some performance tests

Mauro Rappa Mauro.Rappa at infoklix.it
Tue Jun 3 15:32:36 UTC 2008

Hi all,
i like to make test to try new product, so i did some tests WITHOUT any goal to demonstate which software is better.
i want compare Bind9 vs Unbound in cache-only deploy (i use it for speedup antispam server).
My server is:

quad core Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz
4Gb Ram
LSI Logic 1020/1030 Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
Debian Etch
30Mb full internet access (!)

i setup only one forwarder (dns of biggest ISP in italy) and i used dnsperf (the same used by ISC),
i tried only 1000 queries to avoid to be considered an attacker.

These are results of three tests (mean):

  Queries per second:   215.951160 qps

  Queries per second:   181.861585 qps

in this case unbound is 20% faster.

Now, i want to make a different tests with more 'sense',
Can we discuss a battery of test and a 'modus operandi' ?
in particoular which dns server must be used to obtain 'good' results (to avoid to be a bottleneck)?

Mauro Rappa

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