[Unbound-users] Unbound mysteriously crashes

Haw Loeung haw.loeung at tpg.com.au
Tue Dec 23 02:26:53 UTC 2008

Here's a different error:

[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] debug: worker svcd callback for qstate 
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: servselect ip4 port 
53 (len 16)                                                                              
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug:    rtt=1504                                
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: selrtt 1504                                
[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] debug: mesh_run: start                            
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] info: sending query: 
<km32134.keymachine.de. AAAA IN>                                                                             
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: sending to target: 
[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] debug: iterator[module 1] operate: 
extstate:module_wait_reply event:module_event_reply                                            
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: serviced query UDP timeout=1504 
[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] info: iterator operate: query <cname.net-
music-online.com.tpgi.com.au. A IN>                                                      
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: inserted new pending reply 
[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] debug: process_response: new external 
response event                                                                              
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: opened UDP if=0 port=52739                 
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] debug: comm point start listening 118             
[1229998910] unbound[11244:0] info: scrub for <tpgi.com.au. NS IN>              
[1229998910] unbound[11244:1] fatal error: util/netevent.c:228: 
comm_point_send_udp_msg: assertion ldns_buffer_remaining(packet) > 0 

Forgot to add, the version of Unbound used is the latest pulled from SVN. I was 
using version 1.1.1 and it was still crashing so I'm using the one from SVN.



Haw Loeung
Systems Administrator
TPG Internet

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