[Unbound-users] syslog and SIGHUP on FreeBSD

Atsushi EZURA zura at gad.meisei-u.ac.jp
Thu Dec 18 09:46:17 UTC 2008

Hello unbound-users,

I'm using unbound on FreeBSD with syslog from FreeBSD ports. Query logs were
written in it when I started unbound first, but unbound didn't write any query
logs in it after I sent HUP to unbound with kill command. Unbound just wrote
"Restart of unbound 1.1.1.", never logs were written then.

I looked over some source files and found that unbound wrote query logs to
syslog when closelog() in util/log.c was commented out, but I don't know why
it did so. I don't have confidence whether this is correct. Does anyone solve
the same problem without touching source codes, or does this problem depend on


% uname -srm
FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 i386
(FreeBSD 6.4-RELEASE i386 is also occured)

% cat /usr/local/etc/unbound/unbound.conf
        verbosity: 2
        do-ip6: no
        access-control: refuse
        access-control: allow
        directory: ""
        logfile: ""
        use-syslog: yes
        root-hints: "/named.cache"

% cat /etc/syslog.conf
*.*                   /var/log/unbound.log

-- Atsushi

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