[RPKI] cannot download the .roa files, with the list of signed bgp prefixes

Havard Eidnes he at uninett.no
Sat Jun 25 21:27:26 UTC 2022

> There is a lot to learn about these systems and what is typical behavior
> and what is not normal.


In my newly started routinator instance I see a lot of log
messages saying "No valid manifest found."  Following your hint
for looking at the status of the running server, I find for the

curl "" | egrep '(Manifest|^      ")' | grep -v 0, | less
      "afrinic": {
         "validManifests": 546,
         "missingManifests": 1,
      "apnic": {
         "validManifests": 6789,
      "arin": {
         "validManifests": 227,
         "missingManifests": 408,
      "lacnic": {
         "validManifests": 3192,
      "ripe": {
         "validManifests": 1,
         "missingManifests": 1,

What's the issue with the lots of missing manifests from the arin
region?  More than the number of valid manifests?  That cannot be
good?  Is that a sign of garbage not being collected at the
remote site?

And these are not the only ones (these are "repositories"):

      "https://rpki-repo.registro.br/rrdp/notification.xml": {
         "validManifests": 1422,
         "missingManifests": 28,

Is this a sign that my routinator hasn't yet synced itself, or is
it an indication of something amiss at the repository side?


- Håvard

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