[RPKI] Krill release 0.9.5-RC9 'Have You considered these Upgrades?

Tim Bruijnzeels tim at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Apr 6 15:20:54 UTC 2022

Dear list,

Further testing of RC8 revealed a performance issue with regards to tracking
the last known connection status between CAs and a large number of child CAs.

This issue (#811) should be resolved in 0.9.5-RC9 that we just released.

Furthermore, we also found an issue with a large test resulting in a stack
overflow when compiling with the new Rust compiler version 1.59. It was resolved
by splitting the rather large test into smaller tests.

The issue was not related to any recent code changes and no issues have been
observed in large production environments. That said, we will do further tests
to ensure that krill binaries compiled with Rust 1.59 do not suffer from this
issue before finalising the 0.9.5 release.

On behalf of the NLnet Labs RPKI Team, 


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