[RPKI] Krill 0.9.2-rc3 'Motive and Opportunity (RC3)' released

Tim Bruijnzeels tim at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Sep 27 10:07:26 UTC 2021

Dear list,

We released another RC for the coming Krill release, with the following changes:

- Add option to "suspend" and "unsuspend" a child to the CLI (issue #669)
- Only "suspend" krill 0.9.2 and higher children automatically (issue #670)

These changes are only relevant if you are running Krill as a parent CA. Other
functionality is unchanged.

We are running this version in our acceptance, testbed and production environments.
Even though we do not expect that these changes would introduce any new issues, we
believe that we should stick to good practices and therefore plan to do the final
release for 0.9.2 on Monday 4 October.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the NLnet Labs RPKI Team,


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