[RPKI] [EXTERNAL] RTR over SSH Pros and Cons

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The only reason that I’ve seen for people to do RTR over SSH is for older Cisco code that can’t source RTR traffic from a specific interface.  If the RTR traffic is encapsulated in SSH, the older Cisco code does allows sourcing that SSH client traffic from a specific interface.
We are not too concerned about protecting the confidentiality of the unencrypted RTR traffic with SSH tunneling since all of this traffic would be going across our own links.  I guess if you have this concerned about a monkey in the middle situation, then SSH tunneling might make sense.  Other than that, SSH tunneling seems to introduce more issues than it solves.


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Hi all,

I am interested know benefits of using RTR over SSH compared to TCP.

  1.  Security : If a router is compromised, can get access to the command prompt of the RPKI validator server ?
  2.  Security : Password management, normally username/password need to be change on regular basis any organisation. How easy it is on the validators ? Is total build of the image required ?
  3.  Performance of the router using SSH over RTR

Skanda Arasalingam
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