[RPKI] Routinator 0.9.0-rc1 released

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon May 17 13:38:47 UTC 2021


we have just released the first release candidate for Routinator 0.9.0.

This release fundamentally changes how Routinator maintains the local
copy of the RPKI cache. It now separately keeps track of the raw data
retrieved from the RPKI repositories and the last known set of
correctly published files. This allows Routinator to deal more robustly
with partial or erroneous updates -- it can now just keep using the
previously published set until the repository is fixed (or the objects

For RRDP and this known good data set we switched from storing data
directly in the file system to using a key-value database.

As a side effect, Routinator now keeps track of many more metrics.
Detailed numbers are available for each object type both on a per-TAL
and -- new -- per-repository basis. If you’re using Prometheus, it
should pick up these new metrics right away. They are also shown in the
bundled UI.

We also added new features and, since we were changing everything
anyway, overhauled a few existing ones. As alsways, the full list is
available in the release notes:


If you want to test drive this new and improved Routinator, you can
install the release candidate via cargo by running

   cargo install -f --version 0.9.0-rc1 routinator

Binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu are available via the -proposed

On behalf of the NLnet Labs RPKI Team,

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