[RPKI] Krill not publishing ROAs for RIPE prefixes

Tim Bruijnzeels tim at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Jul 8 21:23:23 UTC 2021

Right, so this indicates from Krill's perspective that the dialogue is 
working but it gets an authoritative response saying it can't have 
resources. I think you should talk to the ripe NCC then. It appears that 
this is not technical issue with krill, but I hope you will get it 
resolved soon  of course. And if you or the RIPE NCC do suspect there 
still is an issue in Krill please let me know.


On 2021-07-08 23:09, Christopher Munz-Michielin via RPKI wrote:

> And here is the CLI output:
> Parent: RIPE-FRC
> URI: http://lirportal.ripe.net/certification/updown
> Status: success
> Last contacted: 2021-07-08T21:03:07+00:00
> Next contact on or before: 2021-07-08T21:13:07+00:00
> Resource Entitlements: asn: , v4: , v6:
> resource class: DEFAULT
> issuing cert uri: 
> rsync://rpki.ripe.net/repository/aca/KpSo3VVK5wEHIJnHC2QHVV3d5mk.cer
> received certificate(s):
> Which is interesting because it does appear that RIPE is no longer 
> issuing any of our entitlements.
> On 08/07/2021 13:42, Christopher Munz-Michielin via RPKI wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Thanks for the reply.  I have confirmed that the entitlements displayed 
> in the UI are the same as before the issue, specifically:
> ASN: AS59893, AS211591
> IPv4:
> IPv6: 2a0f:9400::/29
> I'll try and get the CLI output as well.
> Chris
> On 08/07/2021 13:34, Tim Bruijnzeels wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> This is strange indeed. It sounds a bit like your resource entitlements 
> under RIPE NCC may have changed.
> Going with that assumption:
> Krill will only allow you to create ROAs for prefixes that you hold on 
> a certificate (or any certificate under any parent if you have 
> multiple). However if you lose the resource on your certificate then it 
> can no longer create the signed ROA objects. What is confusing - and I 
> should prioritise this higher I now realise - is that the UI and API 
> will list your previously configured "Authorisations" still. These are 
> not actual ROAs but your intent to create ROAs if you see what I mean. 
> If you get back the resources then the ROA objects will be re-created 
> automatically. What is missing from the UI though is a clear indication 
> which "Authorisation" configs would be for space you no longer hold on 
> your certificates.
> Can you check the status and resources under each parent?
> You can look at the 'parents' tab in the UI, but if you have access to 
> the CLI then please run:
> krillc parents statuses --ca <your-ca>
> This gives a little more info than the UI I think. You can also run 
> this command with --format json to get even more info.
> If you prefer you can share your results with rpki-team at nlnetlabs.nl 
> instead of this list - of course we would be more than happy to report 
> back when we get further.
> Kind regards,
> Tim, on behalf of the NLnet Labs RPKI Team
> On 8 Jul 2021, at 21:05, Christopher Munz-Michielin via RPKI 
> <rpki at lists.nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Got a weird issue with Krill and publishing RIPE ROAs. Background:  We 
> have been running Krill with 1 RIPE, 2 ARIN and 1 APNIC parents for the 
> better part of a year without issue, but yesterday we started receiving 
> reports that all our RIPE ROAs had been dropped, indeed when I look at 
> https://jdr.nlnetlabs.nl/#/search/%2Frpki-repo%2Frsync%2Frpki.ripe.net%2Frepository%2FDEFAULT%2F3JsPwPrhyzvSi50Bqvw1Y_2pUdo.cer 
> <https://jdr.nlnetlabs.nl/#/search/%2Frpki-repo%2Frsync%2Frpki.ripe.net%2Frepository%2FDEFAULT%2F3JsPwPrhyzvSi50Bqvw1Y_2pUdo.cer> 
> [1] this does appear to be the case.
> I have verified all the ROA's exist via the Krill API as well as in the 
> GUI.  So far I have tried restarting Krill, Deleting and re-adding some 
> ROAs, as well as deleting the delegation from RIPE and re-creating it 
> all to no avail.  I'm at the point where I'm getting ready to blow the 
> whole setup away and rebuild from scratch, but figured I would reach 
> out here first to see if anyone has a suggestion to recover from this 
> weird situation.
> Version of krill is 0.8.2 on ubuntu 20.04 installed from the package 
> manager.  No other RIR's seem to be effected by this.
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