[RPKI] Running a Krill Repository server, nothing being added to /repo directory

garlicky garlicky at xmission.com
Fri Jun 26 21:54:02 UTC 2020


First of all, thank you to who manage and update the RPKI and Krill readthedocs.io pages. They have been concise, accessible, and invaluable in my quest to implement RPKI in our network. The most recent changes made to the "Running a Publication Server" has been especially appreciated. 

That said, I'm wondering if I missed a step or overlooked something when setting up the repository server; when I add a publisher to the repository, Krill doesn't add or create anything in either /repo/rsync/current/ or /repo/rrdp/. The repository server is able to create a repository response XML just fine, which includes the correct public service URIs, but directories those service URIs refer to are empty. A month or two ago, I ran Krill with an embedded repository in a test environment, and both /repo/rsync/current/ and /repo/rrdp/ would populate with publisher-specific files when I added a new publisher. 

Is there a step that I'm missing? I'm running the latest version of Krill (reinstalled it via Cargo today) on a server running Ubuntu 18.04. 

Any insight is appreciated and my thank in advance. 

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