[RPKI] Routinator memory usage

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Oct 21 09:37:50 UTC 2019

Hi Darren,

Darren O'Connor wrote:
> I recently set up routinator to serve some bird2 instances. It is
> mentioned that it was designed to be lean and use less than 1GB of
> RAM. However this still seems like quite a lot.

It is, indeed. So far, we haven’t looked much at resource usage but
focused on getting all the features implemented and see the internal
architecture stabilize a bit. There’s one more significant change I
want to make (right now, trust anchors are processed in parallel which
I want to change to publication points because of APNIC, which already
has four and thus slows everything down). After that, I think we are on
the home stretch and can start looking at optimising resource usage.

I suspect that currently we are optimizing for speed over memory
consumption. For instance, we save on memory allocations by keeping
bigger objects around for longer. We’ll have try out different options
and see how they influence performance and resource usage.

Which is to say, we definitely have some work to do.

Kind regards,

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