[RPKI] Routinator memory usage

Paul Hoogsteder paul at meanie.nl
Sun Oct 20 17:08:14 UTC 2019

That seems excessive. My routinator uses 116/139M at the moment. That's on
Raspbian so not completely comparable but I guess most datastructures will
be comparable in size.


> Hi all.
> I recently set up routinator to serve some bird2 instances. It is
> mentioned
> that it was designed to be lean and use less than 1GB of RAM. However this
> still seems like quite a lot.
> Right now my current instance is using 556.7MB. Bird2 itself is using
> 1.2GB, but this instance has full IPv4 and IPv6 BGP tables from 10 peers.
> So I'd expect that kind of usage.
> On the other hand, half a gig used for 96k IPv4 roas and 16k IPv6 roas
> seems high. What kind of memory usage do you think we'll see when 50% of
> each table is signed?
> Thanks
> Darren (@mellowdrifter)
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