[RPKI] Bug#929024: ITP: routinator -- An RPKI Validator

Marco d'Itri md at linux.it
Wed May 15 16:00:31 UTC 2019

On May 15, Martin Hoffmann <martin at nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:

> 0.3.3 should still work with Rust 1.30., we only just switched to 1.34
> for the upcoming 0.4 release. But it is of course totally
Cool, I will try.

> Will do as part of the 0.4 releases. Ring is currently stuck in 0.13
> because Krill needs some restructuring to allow the update.
Will Routinator work at all with the current release?
The Debian Rust team really hates obsolete dependencies because they 
cannot be represented in the archive, so either every package stays 
behind or every package is patched to support the latest release.

> I also have a systemd unit file for the RTR daemon that I am using
> somewhere. It’s nothing magic and probably even slightly wrong, but
> it works and I will push it as well.
I plan to work on this as well.

BTW, what do you think about adding support for socket activation using 
the listenfd crate? This way it would be possible to use port 323 
without being root.



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