[RPKI] Strange errors

mats at exmandato.se mats at exmandato.se
Tue May 14 13:33:40 UTC 2019


I found the cause

From the source (repository.rs)

"/// Note that currently we happily accept stale manifests, i.e., manifests
 /// whose certificate is still valid but the next_update time has passed.
 /// The RFC says we need to decide what to do, so this is fine.

Sorry for the noice


> On 14 May 2019, at 15:21, mats at exmandato.se wrote:
> Hi
> What to do with the following errors (lots of them i loggfile)
> rsync://rpki.cnnic.cn/rpki/A9162E3D0000/434/vKNmUQM0s3Q9LdxCYyt5dBbI3oU.crl: stale CRL.
> rsync://rpki.cnnic.cn/rpki/A9162E3D0000/2100/vhT5zP4zduEf4yGQGFeaI0-cvlI.mft: stale manifest
> All of them refers to rpki.cnnic.cn
> /mm

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