[RPKI] Routinator runs on AMS-IX

Stavros Konstantaras stavros.konstantaras at ams-ix.net
Fri May 10 10:37:13 UTC 2019

Dear RPKI community, 

Via this e-mail I would like to let you know that since yesterday afternoon, Routinator is running officially in our platform. With the recent instabilities of the RIPE’s RPKI validator (ver. 2.25) in our infrastructure, we decided to speed up the deployment of Routinator and have both validators run in parallel. The workflow we applied is the following:

Step 1) Get the ROA dataset from both validators (Routinator and RIPE’s validator)
Step 2) Compare the two datasets
Step 3) In case of inconsistencies, use the biggest dataset to configure both Route Servers
Step 4) Send an e-mail to noc at ams-ix.net <mailto:noc at ams-ix.net> for the validator who has inconsistencies. 
Step 5) Use the selected ROA dataset and proceed with configuring the Route Servers

The crucial functionality that helped us integrate the Routinator in our platform fast and easily was the “—listen-http” option and the fact that we can retrieve the ROA dataset in JSON format via the http interface. So, our provisioning scripts use the same code and the changes were minimal. 

We will keep track of the stability of Routinator and we will report to NLnet LABs team possible issues that might arise, in order to have a great tool serving our needs for long time. 

Special thanks to Martin Hoffmann for all the insight information he provided to us. 

Best regards,

Stavros Konstantaras | NOC Engineer | AMS-IX 
M +31 (0) 620 89 51 04 | T +31 20 305 8999

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