[RPKI] Suggestion for Watchdog method to always ensure routinator is running

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Jan 2 10:28:02 UTC 2019

Christoffer Hansen wrote:
> Do any subscriber to this list have any good idea's for ensuring
> Routinator is always started after a reboot or when the daemon for
> $_reasons crashed?

This depends a bit on the operating system/distribution you are using.
For most Linux-y things, systemd should take care of all of that.
Creating a unit file for Routinator should be relatively
straightforward. We mostly haven’t done that because the various
distributions differ slightly where they keep stuff, so this should
really be part of the packaging for a specific distribution.

For FreeBSD, I am not sure if their init system automatically restarts
disappearing daemons. We'll have a look into the possibility of enabling
Routinator as a daemon as part of the existing port.

> @NLnetLabs: Would be nice if you could document|recommend|suggest a
> method together with the current instructions to get routinator up and
> running for the above described case. ;)

Ideally, Routinator would become part of the usual packaging for
various systems and distributions. We would prefer someone to do that
who is familiar with these systems, though, to ensure they meet
necessary standards.

Happy new year, everyone, and kind regards,

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