[RPKI] transcient differences between rpki-client and routinator

Jay Borkenhagen rpki at braeburn.org
Tue Dec 10 14:55:46 UTC 2019

Tim Bruijnzeels writes:
 > Hi Jay
 > > On 10 Dec 2019, at 11:32, Jay Borkenhagen <jayb at braeburn.org> wrote:
 > > 
 > >> But, this indeed is probably a discussion for SIDROPS and, as said I'll
 > >> fix Routinator for now.
 > > 
 > > Hi Martin,
 > > Hi Tim,
 > > 
 > > Was the VRP inconsistency that Job noticed a transient that's now in
 > > the past?
 > > 
 > > If not, I would like to request that Routinator's behavior not be
 > > changed until some consensus emerges from that SIDROPS discussion.
 > I believe that Martin said he would.

I thought Martin said "Change Routinator first, start SIDROPS
discussion later."  I was just arguing for "Start SIDROPS discussion,
hope for speedy consensus, and then depending on the outcome possibly
change Routinator."

[Excuse my fubar sending my earlier note.  I did CC the list on it,
but it was held for moderation since I sent from a non-subscribed


						Jay B.

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