[nsd-users] logging error on /etc/nsd/nsd.log

Mukul Shukla mukulmanet at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 15:21:01 UTC 2022

Dear All,

I have recently shifted my Authoritative DNS server from very old TinyDNS
to NSD. Presently it is in a very primitive stage, but  working  absolutely

I have installed NSD on Debian Testing because I could find a relatively
newer version of NSD on Debian Testing. I am running the NSD version 4.5.0.
I am enabling the NSD logging  to /var/log/nsd.log. When I check the status
of the NSD demon by "systemctl status nsd", I get the following error

Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 systemd[1]: Starting Name Server Daemon...
Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 nsd[1884]: [2022-06-18 20:39:02.460] nsd[1884]: error:
Cannot open /var/log/nsd.log for appending (Permission denied), logging to
Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 nsd[1884]: [2022-06-18 20:39:02.460] nsd[1884]:
warning: chown /var/log/nsd.log failed: Read-only file system
Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 nsd[1884]: [2022-06-18 20:39:02.460] nsd[1884]: notice:
nsd starting (NSD 4.5.0)
Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 nsd[1885]: [2022-06-18 20:39:02.607] nsd[1885]: notice:
nsd started (NSD 4.5.0), pid 1884
Jun 18 20:39:02 ns1 systemd[1]: Started Name Server Daemon.

Although the NSD service starts properly, logging is not working. I want to
enable logging for the NSD replication, which is not installed as yet.

I want to know what can be the solution to this problem? Whether this is
related to the Debian Testing and will work fine on Debian stable. Should I
use another distribution (Rocky) for NSD, which won't have this problem.

If somebody has faced the similar problem, or has any suggestions related
to the above problem, it will be of great help to me.

Thank you all.

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