[nsd-users] Replication Failing

Peter Fraser p_fraser at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 17:36:19 UTC 2022

Fantastic. Appreciate the response. Works perfectly now. Thank you very much.
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On 19/07/2022 18:55, Peter Fraser via nsd-users wrote:

Hi Peter,

This is a common misunderstanding with most people. They mistakenly
assume that if a process is listening on port X, that it will also
initiate outgoing connections from the same port X.

Even though your DNS2 NSD is _listening_ on port 53000, when it makes an
_outgoing_ TCP connection to DNS1 NSD for XFR of "my_domain.net", it
will use a random source port. However, you are _only_ allowing
connections from DNS2's IP and a specific source port in the
"provide-xfr" directive on DNS1's NSD. Just remove the @53000.


> DNS1 with NSD.conf relevant settings
> IP:
> Unbound Port: 53
> NSD Port: 54000
> ip-address:
> do-ip4: yes
> port: 54000
> hide-version: yes
> pattern:
>          name: "dns2"
>          notify: at 53000 NOKEY
>          provide-xfr: at 53000 NOKEY
>          outgoing-interface: at 54000
> zone:
>          name: "my_domain.net"
>          zonefile: my_domain.net.zone
>          include-pattern: "dns2"

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