[nsd-users] Help to setup Authoritative Name Server with NSD

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sun Jun 6 15:26:56 UTC 2021

On Sun, 6 Jun 2021, Mukul Shukla via nsd-users wrote:

> I would like to get the comments from the users as to whether my decision is correct or not? I have found that very few
> tutorials/manuals/articles are available for the NSD setup . Being new to NSD, I feel hesitant in replacing it by running DNS server with
> NSD. Would like to have some suggestions and comments. Kindly suggest any other alternatives, if that is useful in my case.

You will of course find a fairly biased answer here. I myself have run
nsd and unbound since the early days. First mixed with bind, then
without bind. But things are ever changing and I'm now getting ready
to go back to using different software on different nameservers for
both keeping familiar and for more biodiversity for my own domains.

I'm not sure how many domains you need to run, but I've recently started
playing with Catalog Zones with the knot nameserver, and it is _really_
nice to not have to manually configure your secondaries when you are
adding or removing zones. I don't think that nsd supports this yet,
but I'm sure it is on the roadmap and will arrive soon.

But honestly, bind9 and knot and nsd are all good DNS servers compared
to djdns.


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