[nsd-users] about nsd config as root-server

Shuji Yoshida y-shuji at iij.ad.jp
Wed Nov 25 03:16:46 UTC 2020

I tried to verification to use root-server with nsd(4.2.3).

NSD compiled with below option:

And configuration for root zone is below:

    name: "."
    zonefile: "root.zone"
    include-pattern: "master"
    multi-master-check: yes

And "root.zone" file is below:

$TTL 300
.       IN      SOA     x.rot-servers.net.      postmaster.root-servers.net.    (
                                2020112502                      ; Serial
                                3600                            ; Refresh
                                3600                            ; Retry
                                86400                           ; Expire
                                3600                            ; Negative cache TTL
                                                IN              NS              x.root-servers.net.
x.root-servers.net.             IN              A              XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

NSD booted but below log outputted to log file:
info: zonefile ..zone does not exist

And after checking using dig, SERVFAIl was returned.
Is this configuration and zone file is missed?

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