[nsd-users] How does NSD use TFO (TCP Fast Open)?

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Tue Jun 9 13:35:05 UTC 2020

Hello NSD developers,

Did you see this email I sent a few days ago? I'd love to here from you, 
to better understand how NSD uses TFO.


On 03/06/2020 15:28, Anand Buddhdev via nsd-users wrote:

> Hi NSD developers,
> I see that NSD can be configured with --enable-tcp-fastopen. However, 
> the documentation doesn't say which parts of NSD use TFO.
> Does NSD use TFO as a client, when requesting XFR from a server?
> Does NSD generate and provide TFO cookies to clients that request them?
> Or does NSD do both of the above?
> Is there any downside to enabling TFO? If not, why isn't it enabled by 
> default?

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