[nsd-users] About NSD query logging?

Bac Nguyen Huy huybac.nguyen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 15:55:28 UTC 2020

I'm a newbie in NSD.
I want using NSD instead of bind for my DNS Autho Slave. (We're using Bind
9.11 for Master and Slave DNS).
In my system, we log all query from client to my dns server by query-log
(category queries)...

So, my asks: How to config log query in NSD without using TAP.
And, why have many dns soft, dns system don't support log query.
Is monitoring log query on DNS Authoritive server really necessary?
How to monitor abnormal, and tracing in DNS without monitoring query logs.

Mr Nguyen Huy Bac
DNS Administrator
Tel: +084.2435564944
Email: huybac.nguyen at gmail.com
Skype: huybac.nguyen at hotmail.com
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