[nsd-users] Permission error after upgrade to Debian Buster (10.2)

Simon Deziel simon at sdeziel.info
Mon Nov 25 00:26:50 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-24 6:10 p.m., Kaulkwappe wrote:
> Hi Simon,
>  > I would have expect a permission error instead of a "read-only" one. It
>  > looks as if /var/log was not properly added to be ReadWritePaths set.
> That is what I have used:
>  > ReadWritePaths=/var/lib/nsd /var/log /etc/nsd /run

Not sure what would explain the read-only error then. I'd double check
if it's indeed effective with "systemctl show nsd | grep ReadWritePaths"

>  > This unlink failure is expected and AFAICT harmless.
> It should be harmless, but it doesn't look nice. I would consider this as a bug.

Agreed. Interestingly, unbound accepts "-p" to skip managing its own
PID. If nsd could get this, it would be handy when managing the daemon
with systemd.

>  > I believe that xfrd.state should be owned by nsd:nsd as the daemon needs
>  > to write to that file.
> After changing the owner to nsd:nsd I believe this problem is fixed. Thanks!

Glad to hear that!


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