[nsd-users] problems sending reload xfrdtomain: Broken pipe

pierre-philipp braun pbraun at nethence.com
Sun May 12 12:30:08 UTC 2019


I've compiled 4.1.27 on netbsd-current (8.99) without any issue, then configured it with a single forward zone and I always end-up with this error no matter what.

nsd[22124]: nsd starting (NSD 4.1.27)
nsd[22124]: ...stale pid file from process 28114
nsd[22124]: setup SSL certificates
nsd[22673]: /nsd.db: not cleanly closed 0
nsd[22673]: can not use /nsd.db, will create anew
nsd[22673]: zone nethence.com read with success
nsd[22673]: zone nethence.com written to db
nsd[16988]: problems sending reload xfrdtomain: Broken pipe
nsd[16988]: did not get start signal from main

Same goes with remote-control enabled
Same goes with more advanced chroot pathes

I found the previous thread from 2014 on that matter but getting rid of /var/db/nsd/nsd.db (nor /var/run/nsd/nsd.pid) beforehand does not help.  My case seems different.

What is xfrdtomain expecting, is it creating a socket file?  And why is this called anyway, as the following MWE does NOT mandate any zone transfers to happen?  What could be causing the problem?  How to debug this?

        verbosity: 3

        control-enable: no

        name: "nethence.com"
        zonefile: "%s.db"

I also looked at ktrace/kdump (netbsd's equivalent for strace) and I see some

 12105      1 nsd      RET   setsockopt -1 errno 55 No buffer space available

Other daemon live fine on this system so I doubt this is a netbsd bug (although that's current)

And thank you for the nice piece of software

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