[nsd-users] CAA record

Huber, Peter peter.huber at uni-wh.de
Mon Jul 29 09:05:38 UTC 2019

We are using nsd 4.2.1-2 and ldsn 1.6

The following entry in a zone file leads to an error, when I try to sign the zone file:
uni-wh.de.              CAA    0 issue "pki.dfn.de"

If I change the entry to this one, everything is working:
uni-wh.de.              IN TYPE257 \# 17 00056973737565706B692E64666E2E6465

The error message:
Zone not read, error: Syntax error, could not parse the RR's rdata at uni-wh.de.zone line 25

I am using the ldns-signzone to sign the zone.
ldns-signzone -vV    zone signer version 1.6.16 (ldns version 1.6.16)

Is this version not able to sign a zone file with a CAA record, only with a Type257 record?

Kid regards


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