[nsd-users] NSD and RFC 8482 (ANY queries)

Daisuke HIGASHI daisuke.higashi at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 04:51:03 UTC 2019

A. Schulze <sca at andreasschulze.de>:

> with Daisuke's patch NSD would answer to ANY queries with a subset of
> available RRsets.
> -> only on UDP? or no matter which transport?
> -> a fixed subset or a random subset?

on current trunk version:

   1. Returns always RFC 8482 4.1 style (one RRset plus RRSIG) response for
both UDP and TCP.

   2. Only first RRset seen in zone file is used for generating RFC 8482
       (This is my observation. It picks first element of “rrset” linked
list but I don’t know exactly how this linked list is created/edited)
      -> see

   3. refuse-any option still works. This option is NOT for
enabling/disabling RFC8482, but for ANY-to-TCP (If UDP ANY query received
and this option is yes, NSD returns TC=1 empty response to direct requester
to switch TCP).

 Daisuke Higashi

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