[nsd-users] tinydns to nsd

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Wed Dec 25 10:00:06 UTC 2019

On 25/12/2019 08:19, richard lucassen via nsd-users wrote:

> This is Debian:
> database: <filename>
> By default /var/lib/nsd/nsd.db' is used. The specified file is used to
> store the compiled zone information. Same as commandline option -f.  If
> set to "" then no database is  used. This uses less memory but zone
> updates are not (immediately) spooled to disk.
> So, in case of a supervised version and rsynced zone files it is not a
> problem to set it to "". But the database is indexed I suppose. NSD is

Correct. Just set it to "", and this will prevent NSD from building a
database out of the plain text zone files. It will just read the zone
files into memory and answer queries out of that.

When you change your zone files, just send the main process a SIGHUP or
use "nsd-control reload". They are equivalent.

> serving a few hundred domains and the database is just a few megabytes
> big. There must be some or other threshold to use a database or not.
> What would be the advice in this particular case?

Yes, the database is indexed and has some pre-compiled answers. However,
for low query volumes, there is no difference. In fact, the database
adds complexity that you don't need/want. The developers of NSD
themselves have acknowledged that the database isn't needed, and
recommend turning it off.


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