[nsd-users] NSD 4.2.4rc1 pre-release

Wouter Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Dec 3 13:48:14 UTC 2019


NSD 4.2.4rc1 pre-release is available:
sha256 4e10fa25d72dd555ebbae11a9429b8c29881b149e26412783f7e66f2cf3c5116
pgp https://nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/nsd/nsd-4.2.4rc1.tar.gz.asc

This release fixes the regressions in the config for the
minimal-responses, round-robin and log-time-ascii options, where the
previous release ignored the config settings for them.  Also there are
some portability fixes.

- Fix #48: Add make distclean that removes config.h made by configure.
  And add maintainer-clean that removes bison and flex output.

- Detect fixed time memcmp for openssl 0.9.8 compatibility.
- Detect EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name for openssl 0.9.8.
- include limits.h for UINT_MAX.
- If no recvmmsg, dont use msg_flags member, but errno for error,
  where our fallback function left it, msg_flags also does not exist
  on some systems.
- Remove unused variable warning for portability.
- Fix #52: do not log transient network full errors unless higher
  verbosity is set.
- Fix regressions in configparser.y where global variables were not
  set for minimal-responses, round-robin and log-time-ascii.

Best regards, Wouter

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