[nsd-users] Unbound + NSD (stub-zones only needed for primary/secondary setup? NS records from the zone are ignored?)

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Sun Sep 30 08:28:48 UTC 2018

On 29/09/2018 23:01, K. de Jong wrote:

Hi K de Jong,

Your question is actually about Unbound, and should be on the
unbound-users mailing list. The fact that you're using NSD as an
authoritative server is just incidental (your authoritative server could
have been BIND, PowerDNS or Knot, and the same thing would happen).

Anyway, about your question, see my answer below inline:

> The problem is that the secondary is never queried. I do flush the
> cache for the zone before I query again with dig/drill, but only the
> master does a query/response. The queries fail when I disable NSD on
> ns1 (primary).
> The behavior only changes when I also add the secondary address to the
> stub-zone in the Unbound config. But as far as I understand, the

You need to add:

stub-prime: yes

to the relevant part of your unbound.conf. This will allow unbound to
discover the secondary, and use it as well. See the unbound.conf man
page for a detailed explanation.


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