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Wouter Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Nov 26 09:56:11 UTC 2018

Hi Hendrik,

On 11/9/18 3:58 PM, Hendrik Jaeger wrote:
> Hi
> I was having a problem with my puppet-generated nsd-config: it worked
> on one and did not work on the other host.
> That was very confusing for me as everything was based on the same
> templates and the configs were mostly identical (apart from
> hostnames/IPs).
> After some debugging with the help of a friend the cause was found:
> the 'include' directive does not do what I expected it to do when
> using globbing, which is including the files in lexical order.
> It actually includes the files in "directory order".
> This directory order was different for the two hosts since puppet
> decided the order in which it created files and that happened to be
> different for the two hosts.
> The result was that the file with additional "server"-settings was
> included after the files providing "pattern"s and "zone"s and thus I
> got a "syntax error".
> IMHO the files should be included in lexical order.
> That’s what people usually expect, as that is what (most) other
> software does, e.g. run-parts.
> Is there any reason why "GLOB_NOSORT" and thus "directory order" is
> used?
> Could it be changed to include globbed files in lexical order?

I guess it was for performance, but you are right, predictable outcome
for include wildcard processing is important for stable system services.
 Fixed it.  Thanks for the report!

Best regards, Wouter

> Thank you
> Hendrik Jäger
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