[nsd-users] delete multiple zones in version 4 and 3

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Fri Jun 8 14:48:29 UTC 2018

On 08/06/2018 14:08, Jochen Demmer wrote:

Hi Jochen,

> We run version 4.1.20 (master on CentOS 7) and 3.2.16 (slave on Debian
> 7) . I know, we should urgently update our slave :-)
> We would like to remove multiple zones (several hundert) and I was
> wondering what best practice is since it would mean lots of manual work
> and a great potential of error to do it manually.
> Is there a best practice or maybe even a script of some kind?

In both NSD 3 and 4, any zones defined in nsd.conf can only be removed
by editing that config file. And then NSD 3 has to be completely
restarted for the change to be noticed. NSD 4 can be reconfigured on the
fly with "nsd-control reconfig".

Coming back to your question about how to remove lots of zones from
nsd.conf safely: well, the answer is: do it carefully!

Instead of editing it by hand, you should probably do it with a script,
so that the chances of errors are reduced, unless of course you have
bugs in your script.

This is why you should keep your zone definition in some kind of config
management system, and have it generate your nsd.conf from a template.


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