[nsd-users] delete multiple zones in version 4 and 3

Andreas Schwarz andreas.schwarz at hetzner.com
Fri Jun 8 13:34:38 UTC 2018

Hi Jochen,

depends a little on your configuration, but: how about 'nsd-control' and
the 'delzone' or 'delzones' command?


The command should remove the domain(s) from the zonelist, if you have
them separated from your nsd.conf.

Only the actual zone files have to be remove separately.

On 08.06.2018 14:08, Jochen Demmer wrote:
> Hi list
> We run version 4.1.20 (master on CentOS 7) and 3.2.16 (slave on Debian
> 7) . I know, we should urgently update our slave :-)
> We would like to remove multiple zones (several hundert) and I was
> wondering what best practice is since it would mean lots of manual work
> and a great potential of error to do it manually.
> Is there a best practice or maybe even a script of some kind?
> Thank you

 Best Regards

  Andreas Schwarz
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