[nsd-users] NSD logging control connection when using a filesystem socket

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Mon Aug 13 17:43:18 UTC 2018

On 13/08/2018 15:25, Wouter Wijngaards wrote:

Hi Wouter,

> Yes that is not right, it printed the addr variable but it has no
> contents when a unix socket is used.  Instead I have fixed it to print
> the local socket path name (if it is a local socket).  The fix is in the
> code repository.  Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the fix! Now it looks better:

[2018-08-13 17:39:59.428] nsd[28342]: info: new control connection from
[2018-08-13 17:39:59.428] nsd[28342]: info: control cmd:  status


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